Frappuccino Bottles Turned Vases!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I’m too lazy to make a cup of coffee. This becomes especially true in the summer months when it becomes too hot for hot coffee and making iced coffee requires too much foresight. And driving down the street to Dunkin Donuts requires too much effort.

Thankfully, the people over at Starbucks have figured out a way to solve this problem. These Frappuccino coffee drinks are not only delicious, they come in some pretty adorable bottles.

Pretty adorable bottles that in my opinion, would make even more adorable vases…

And all you need to transform your everyday Frappuccino bottle into a cute little vase  is a can of spray paint and a couple of minutes. Yep, that’s it!

First off, you want to wash your bottles and remove the labels and accompanying glue.

Then you just flip them upside down on a piece of cardboard or something and spray paint! You want to keep the paint even and not concentrate it in a specific spot (this cause unsightly drips of spray paint). If you do accidentally concentrate the spray paint in a specific spot and then decide you don’t like the way it looks, don’t pick up the wet bottle with your hands and try to wash off the spray paint. I’m not suggesting you would do this, but trying again with a new bottle is easier than washing blue spray paint off of your hands.



I waited about an hour and gave it a second coat. Another hour later, voilà!

I filled this one up with some flowers from my garden! I’m kidding, I don’t have a garden. These came from a bush growing on the side of the house.



I had a second bottle. And a second bottle of spray paint. So I made a second vase in white! I wish I had some bright flowers to fill this with, but unfortunately I didn’t have any around the house.

You can get all kinds of creative with these! I have a Martha Stewart craft stencil I’m just dying to use on one of these! Maybe a striped vase using painter’s tape? I usually buy a 4-pack every week, so there are plenty of opportunities to experiment!


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