Entryway Makeover

So, I’ve really been itching to spruce up our entryway for a while now. It’s definitely been a part of the house that’s been easy to neglect. We only spend a couple of minutes passing through it on the way in or out of the house. It wasn’t so horrendous that we absolutely needed to change it immediately. But I did want a room that gave a bit more in terms of a first impression.

Entryway Makeover - Tulips & A Terrier

Like I said, nothing horrendous..but with obvious room for improvement. The table/lamp/mirror combo was purchased from Linens N’ Things back in ’06 when I was moving into my first ever apartment with my best friend! We had an abnormally large foyer, and a small first-job-out-of-college budget and this did the trick.

I just felt like it could use a little brightening up. The wood with the silver just seems to blend into the wall and is totally the type of room you would just walk through and forget about instantly. Actually, whenever I told someone I was planning on updating my entryway, the response I usually got was ‘Oh really, I don’t remember what it looks like’. Right, my point exactly.

Entryway Makeover - Tulips & A Terrier

An obvious way to brighten something up is to paint it white! And that’s exactly what I did! I had also recently read this how-to on painting stripes onto a table and was dying to try it out. I used Cottage White and Pewter Vase (both by Behr) for the tabletop and spray painted the legs with a flat white.

Then, when I was looking for ways to update the mirror, I discovered my absolute favorite spray paint of all time! I’m not even exaggerating here, this stuff seriously great. You would think it’s super tacky based on the color of the lid, but it’s actually really pretty! It’s not too glossy, not too flat…just perfect.

The mirror took no time at all! I just removed the actual mirror from the frame and spray painted the frame out on the back porch after work. I decided to stick with the stripes for the vase. Using a basic cylindrical vase from the dollar store (the same one used here!), I taped it off with painter’s tape and gave it a couple of coats of the Rustoleum Metallic Gold.

Entryway Makeover - Tulips & A Terrier


I decided to do away with the lamp. I have no idea why I even had it on the table to begin with, there’s no outlet in the room. I think the dahlias make a much prettier addition. Doesn’t the combination of white and gold always look so elegant and timeless?

There’s still some work to do here! For one, we need to repaint the  mauve wall. I’ve hated it since I moved in. I’m thinking a pale turquoise or yellow would be a better choice.  It could also use some more accents (I’m very seriously considering gold pumpkins, given that fall is just around the corner).

Entryway Makeover - Tulips & A Terrier


I would love to hear what you think! Have any entryway inspiration to send my way?

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3 thoughts on “Entryway Makeover

  1. Amy @ Homey Oh My!

    We share the same favorite spray paint of all time! That stuff is incredible. I seriously want to paint everything with it.
    I love how simple and elegant your entryway is. It’s amazing how just some paint can totally transform anything, And the mirror and table are just gorgeous. You have great taste 🙂

    1. Lusine Post author

      Hi Amy! It is amazing, isn’t it? I literally use it on everything (most recently wooden hangers). Thanks so much for stopping by, you have great taste as well 🙂

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