A Week In Provence – Part One

Hello friends! I hope you’re all enjoying these first few weeks of fall! Sincere apologies for my extended absence, but good news..I’m alive! And having just returned from our third trip to France, I thought I’d share some photos of this dreamy corner of the world.

I’ve been longing to visit Provence for as long as I can remember. Lavender fields that go on for miles, charming medieval villages with winding cobblestone streets, shutters with chipping paint..the stuff dreams are made of.

And then we booked a flight to Nice. The months that followed were a giddy blur of research, planning, and soaking in anything Provencal I could find (as in reading multiple Peter Mayle books, and a less than successful attempt at aïoli).

Since this is quite a popular tourist destination, visiting in the summer can sometimes be a bit of a headache due to the crowds and traffic, so shoulder season (early fall) seemed like a good bet. Prices are more reasonable, crowds fairly scarce, and weather still perfect! It was sunny and in the low 70’s for most of our trip. It rained twice during our trip, but rain in this region generally tends to be a quick passing shower you can escape by ducking into a cafe for a glass of wine (as opposed to the persistent, nonstop drizzle one experiences in say Ireland).

After spending our first full day in Nice, we rented a car to explore some of the inland villages. Most of the coastal towns are well connected by public transportation, but if you’re looking to venture inland, renting a (compact!) car is definitely the best option!

Tourrettes-sur-Loup is a quick 40-ish minute drive from Nice, but feels worlds away from the bustle of the riviera. It has all the charm of the nearby Saint Paul de Vence, with a fraction of the tourists. We combined Tourrettes-sur-Loup with nearby Valbonne and Biot, which made for an enjoyable day trip from Nice!

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

The medieval town was nothing short of breathtaking! We spent a few hours walking along it’s windy little streets..

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

Discovering charming little alleys along the way..

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

Appreciating the local gardening displays!

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

And befriending dogs met along the way.

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

Blooming violets give the village an intoxicating scent..

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

Sigh. If this doesn’t make you want to pack up and move to France..

A Week In Provence (Part 1) - Tulips & A Terrier

This picturesque village was one of my favorites visited on the trip..and blissfully tourist free!

We had a very nice lunch at Pizzeria des Arts with the friendliest hosts! Parking was relatively straightforward in a large, centrally located lot. There were lots of little shops, restaurants, and cafes in the charming old town, and one could easily spend an afternoon wandering it’s beautiful little streets!

Hopefully you enjoyed this brief glimpse into our recent hop across the pond! Ever had the pleasure of visiting this delightful region? I’d love to hear about it!

— Lusine

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